Jeremy Warmsley Warms Me

I've been sitting on this for awhile now, trying to somehow track down a physical or downloadable copy of this record, mostly so I could post the mp3 to the song from the video above. Alas, I might have to cave and buy import. I've written about Jeremy Warmsley before, but his fantastic sound has grown on me even more in the meantime.

One word I'd easily use is endearing. Mellow horns draw you in, playful and honest lyrics make you stay. But as you could observe from the video below, he's got spunk and passion that runneth over. And he looks far too young to be making this kind of music. This record desperately needs a US or iTunes release. In the meantime, spread the word.

I Promise
Dirty Blue Jeans
[from Art of Fiction|buy]

"Dirty Blue Jeans" A Takeaway Show


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