Backporch Revival: Sunparlour Players

If the hardest thing about a post is deciding on two tracks out of a handful of completely stellar collection of songs, I'll take that predicament every day. 14 months ago, Sunparlour Players made their linesthroughlines debut, way back before I even started providing "buy" links, back when I was lucky to get ten visitors a day. I even mistakenly said that version of "Talk it to Death" was from Hymns for the Happy, when it was actually from Alive at the Tranzac. Silly me. Today, the Players finally get a formal writeup and few deserve it more.

I'm not going to fib, this band makes me insanely jealous. I wish I could sit down on an upside-down apple basket, stomp up an audience of dust with my boot, and strum it like this. I picture a neighbor hearing my commotion, venturing out and sitting down on the step next to me, fashioning a stand-up bass out of stretched suspenders. And here comes a woman with a washboard. And a young girl tapping glass bottles of water like a xylophone. It doesn't even matter what the words are, this is a revival of musical faith. This is an unexpected oasis amidst miles of dusty grain fields. This back porch, an amphitheater.

If you like this, buy it. It's all this good. iTunes Plus, baby.

If the Creeks Don't Rise
Talk it to Death
[from Hymns for the Happy|buy]


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