Pat and Luke

Alright Skye, I'll write about Patrick Watson. Well, not just because you asked me to, also because he sounds like a guy I really like named Luke Temple. And because this stuff sounds like I wanted Temple's new LP Snowbeast to sound like. How selfish am I, always talking about how I want something to sound (right now, here, and also here), and at the same time defending the artist's right to make whatever music he/she wants (here). So I'm lame.

Patrick Watson is not. Neither is Luke. They've got these little eccentric flighty voices that have an outside resemblance to Jeff Buckley at times. Both have creative musical arrangements that can sound like toy versions of instruments. Mr. Watson, however is the slightly less weird. He'll stab into Coldplay territory, the land of the Cinematic Orchestra, or venture into Magnet's backyard while Mr. Temple might trespass on The Flaming Lips' property or get thrown out of Of Montreal's hopping nightclub. Either way, you're gonna get something you didn't expect.

Patrick Watson - Giver
[from Close to Paradise|buy]
Luke Temple - Saturday People
[from Snowbeast|buy]


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