Halloween Candy

Let me first say that the aforepictured can of soda is, indeed, nasty crap. I'm sure it'll be on sale in your local Kmart for the next month because only an idiot with a deathwish would purchase it. This is probably the only soda that can give you diabetes. At the same time, it threatens to stain everything you hold dear with its freakish yellow "color". This is certainly made by the devil.

Secondly, it's Halloween. I'm wearing a homemade bee costume as I type this. I decided to post some good comedy today, themed of course, because I haven't in awhile. You'll have to wait til tomorrow to hear from the I'm Not There OST feat. Sufjan Stevens, Antony & the Johnsons, Iron & Wine, Cat Power, etc.

Happy trick-r-treating!

Lewis Black - Candy Corn
Mitch Hedberg - Candy Bars


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