Listening Assignments 11.5.07

1. The Physics of Meaning - Small Towns and Invisible People - This opens like early-era Deathcab so I'm hooked. "Down at Columbia and Cameron" was one of my favorite songs of 2005, but I hadn't heard this gem til last week. A little Weakerthans-esque as well. [from The Physics of Meaning|buy]

2. Le Concorde - Parallel Lines - With a name like Le Concorde and a sound straight out of classic 70's pop, I thought they were French. Chicago, IL puts out some pretty awesome stuff. [from Universe and Villa|buy]

3. The Silver Seas - The Country Life - If Le Concorde is '70s pop, this is almost '60s. It's shiny and happy, and people. Woodstock-era-ish people. Love it. [from High Society|buy]

4. Samamidon - Saro - Sam's voice hypnotizes me. This fantastic arrangement and performance of a traditional folk song will stir something in you. Something smiling or something warm. [from All is Well (out 2/08)|info]


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