Wild Sweet Juicy Tasty Orange

There's nothing like a hairy man holding a baby to get your attention. If you don't know Wild Sweet Orange yet, rest assured that you will. Well technically if you just read that, you already do. I just heard them over on the always-classy MOKB and I'm hooked. They sound like a really organic Blitzen Trapper meets The Snake The Cross The Crown kind of band. They'll take you from a toe-tapping heel stomper (think an electric Sunparlour Players) into a grinding bluesy rocker, then slide into a smoldering heartwrenched ballad. Oh yeah and Grey Anatomy played them last March, racking up almost 29k plays of their track "Land of No Return" on le'space. Probably a big reason they got signed by Canvasback/Columbia Records, who is set to release The Whale EP in 2008. I think it's time to tilt your head, open your ear, and squeeze this Orange into it.

Wrestle with God
[from The Whale EP]
House of Regret
[from House of Regret EP]


Anonymous Matt said...

I also thought the new Wild Sweet Orange EP wasn't coming out until 2008, so I was surprised to see this article from Paste. I'll be heading to the record store on my lunch break to pick it up.

1:13 PM  

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