Surrounded by Sweden

Stellar Swedish supergroup seeks select society of citizens for synergetic soaking of sound. Surrounded's single "Safe Tomorrow Sun" sits sadly separate from the top 50 songs of 2007, snubbed similarly to those in yesterday's post. Still, some stock may be salvaged.

All alliteration aside, this subtle yet potent band from across the pond deserved more press this year. This record boasts some epic progressions, set just slow enough to sear into your cranium with deliberate weight. It's spacey and low-fi with sampled and manipulated strings, bombastic beats and smart basslines. Leave it to the foreigners to cut through the noise and give us something fresh, Scandinavians particularly. Strangely comforting, this band.

In Comfort's Tight Clothes
Fellow Citizen Stars
Safe Tomorrow Sun
[from The Nautilus Years|buy]


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