Thao Nguyen gets down, stays down.

She is an insanely likable combination of Cat Power, Asobi Seksu, and the lead singers of Cloud Cult and Menomena. She's from Falls Church, VA, but her record is being released Kill Rocks Stars (Portland, OR) on January 29th. She is/they are Thao Nguyen & the Get Down Stay Down, members of which are from Richmond's The OK Bird and Murphy's Kids, to name a few. It's disarming, adorably fragile, bluesy indiefolk with the occasional blip of pop flavor, and it's really nice way to kick off 2008's new music features here at linesthroughlines. Stay tuned...

Swimming Pool (removed)
Geography (removed, but here's a sweet video of it!)
Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)
Bag of Hammers
[from We Brave Bee Stings and All (out 1.29)|buy]


Blogger wendyo said...

There's a great video of Geography here: http://www.thaomusic.imeem.com

7:11 PM  

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