A Bag of Items for you Bill Murray

I'm doing laundry and unpacking the bedroom at the moment, though I'm hoping to make a music post before I have to go to work at 5. In the meantime, I've been meaning to post a few random items:

1. Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive stream of "St. Modesto" from Chris Walla's forthcoming LP Field Manual, which drops Jan 29th. Both tracks I've heard from this record are amazing.

2. The oft-hilarious Dave Barry wrote an oft-hilarious overview of 2007 for the Miami Herald. If you've got 5-10 mins to kill, this is well worth it.

3. And finally this, an article I meant to link to months ago on some of the negative impact blogging can have on a band. Idolator focuses on the "success" of Black Kids, a band my boy Kyle over at the Late Late Rock Show just wrote about and reminded me of. I don't know much about Black Kids, but I do know 25 other bands you could easily substitute and come to the same fairly sad conclusion.


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