Sara then and Now

Back when the lovely Sara Bareilles made her blog debut, few people knew her name let alone how to pronounce it. These days, she's all over TV commercials and shows, has the #4 Album and #2 song on iTunes, and at least one person a day finds this website through a search about her. That smells like momentum, methinks. A welcome breakthrough as well, coming from a self-taught, self-made female singer-songwriter with spunk to spare. At her best, she brings the off-balance piano jazz arrangements that would make Regina Spektor proud and at her worst, she's singing a perfect commercial pop song. Do your worst, Sara. This is from her album previous to Little Voice. I prefer this version of "Fairytale" to the polished, over-produced version on the current record. In case you were curious.

[from Careful Confessions|buy]

The desert island 10 comes back tomorrow!


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