So this is the New Year...

Damn you New Years Eve/New Years, for falling on a Monday (assignments), for falling on the last day of the last month of my lease (aka Moving Day), for being the only holiday that lasts less than a second, putting all that preparation and excitement to waste. Whelp, it's here. 2008. It's like a birthday, we certainly don't feel older, and though we can't remember the details, we're pretty sure that something big happened last night, judging by the pounding headache and the big mess left behind. I've never been to NYC for the ball drop, but I'm wondering how all the people who are crammed in Times Square like a massive shipment of illegal immigrants feel about 2 minutes after the big event. "Oh great, now it's over and we're never getting out of here." It's not a feeling I'd relish. I'm perfectly happy with watching the ball drop on the television, even muted, with a group of friends, raising glasses, counting down from 10, and making one big ridiculous swell of noise at 12:00:00. All the money spent on every bulb in that ball could probably have purchased something far more worthwhile. Ditto for the paper that made all the confetti that spilled down like a cloud of poisonous gas onto the streets of New York, still being cleaned up I'd imagine. New Years is a joke, an excuse to make a promise 95% of us won't keep, a reason other than high school graduation to wear those ridiculous glasses that look like "2008".

All of that aside, it's symbolic. It can mean something. I'm in a new house today, my stuff piled up around me like I'm some kind of packrat. I have no idea where it'll all go. But I can put my headphones on, turn them up loud, and dream about the changes I wish I could make in my life. All the people I want to know that I love them. And I start to think maybe this year could be something new after all.

The Mountain Goats - This Year
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start - New Year


Anonymous Anonymous said...

3 days with no music again. What's the dealio?

10:25 AM  
Blogger drewcif said...

In short,
a) I'm sitting on some great stuff that doesn't come out until the end of the month, while nothing new of note has come out recently other than the Radiohead physical release on the 1st.
2) I just moved, my room is in shambles, my CDs not even unpacked yet, and I've been running errands every day to close out power/cable/etc accounts on the old place. Factor in all other holiday madness with college bowl games, post-christmas shopping (thank you, gift cards!!) and seeing people that only come around once a year, and you get very little time for listening to the amount of music necessary to write about it on the blog.
3) There was also some music today after you posted this.

but 4) the Desert Island 10 resumes tomorrow, there is another ltl mix in the final drafting stage, great new stuff from Nada Surf, The Mountain Goats, and more.

Thanks for reading!

6:29 PM  

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