It's a Miracle! (Fortress)

The most miraculous thing about Miracle Fortress is that I didn't hear them until early this January. It's crazy because it came out last May and it's upsetting because this record should have been in my top 10 of 2007 (as well as a lot more of them in general).

Listening to Five Roses is like being immersed in liquid sound, tinkling guitars reverberating back and forth across your palate. Shimmering harmonies inundate like as many ripples spreading outward from a single ray of sunlight. It's an experiment in what would have happened if U2 had decided to do a full-length tribute to Brian Wilson. It sparkles with intention and inspiration.

It's a stunning and moody debut LP from yet another Canadian band vying for your fickle but powerful love.

Next Train (via 1.14 assignments)
[from Five Roses|buy]


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