Ida's Prayer

Oh Ida, you hurt so good. You are full of light and love. Full of longing and loss. Your edges are rounded by time, your teeth ground down like river stones, over which water whispers eternal lullabies. You are the lonely songbird winging overheard, calling out to her missing lover. You are snow descending on branches outstretched, muting the whistling wind and forming a blanket of white noise to drown out the world.

Lover's Prayers comes out today, Ida's first record since 2005's amazing Heart Like a River [info]. It is engagingly fresh, both endearing and enduring. Much like Stars' Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan, Elizabeth and Daniel Littleton were made to sing together, melody and harmony becoming one soaring entity, indistinguishable.

"You were right about me, I'm weaker than you."

Lover's Prayers
The Weight of the Straw
[from Lover's Prayers|buy]


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