A List with Fists

We've burned through some bandwidth this month (nearly 75GB), probably in large part because I've left all the mp3s for the 2007 year-end lists up for download. It resets Monday, so I'll post some music tomorrow to use up the last of it. Today, you get a list.

1. Gregor Samsa is streaming their whole recently completed album Rest, one new track every Sunday on their myspace page via iMeem. IMO, it's their best work to date. "Slow and sad. Slow and happy. But never fast and anything."

2. Music/Art lover, I give you the work of T.Stout, a small-town WA illustrator specializing in one-of-a-kind show posters and event art.

3. You Ain't No Picasso has wrangled up every known cover Of Montreal has ever performed.

4. If you've noticed, I expanded the links and hotspots sections recently. If there are any other sites you think have been unfairly excluded, let me know.

5. Favorite Band Name of the Moment: Band Marino

6. Hot Chip's new album Made in the Dark (out 2.4) is streaming in its entirety here.

7. New Music tomorrow, Assignments Monday. Stay tuned...

8. Patriots 42-21.


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