Baby, I'm the Lucky One

I've been waiting awhile for this record to drop so I don't spoil the surprise because Nada Surf is back in a huge way. Lucky may have a deeper meaning to the band, but to me it's just how I personally feel about holding this record in my hands. Privileged.

The fact that Barsuk is releasing this album should come as no surprise, seeing as they released the Surf's two previous offerings, but also because this sound is tailor-made for this label. Or maybe this label is tailor-made for this sound. Dynamic and melodic, laidback hooks, quiet confidence. This record knows it's great, but doesn't prance and preen about it. The happiness of the music and, at times, bittersweet lyrics are conveyed in very business-like fashion. There is no pretense here, no shame in embracing the inner pop music. They even have a grunge-era throwback in "Everyone's On Tour", harkening back to the "Popular" days before sliding back into the acoustic-steeped "Here Goes Something". There are literally too many standout songs on this LP to mention. Nada Surf, welcome to 2008's top 10.

Also true to recent Barsuk form, the first batch of copies contain a bonus EP of acoustic tracks, the quality of which is more than motivation enough to buy early (if the stellar LP wasn't reason enough).

I Like What You Say
Whose Authority (bonus acoustic track)
[from Lucky|buy]


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