Everything Hits at Once

It's about time I saw Once, a film I've waited almost a full year to take in. Now that it's been out on DVD and blogged about 500 times and seen by everyone I know, I feel like the last person on earth to see it. But this post is not for those of you who have seen it, it's for those precious few who haven't. Maybe you need some extra motivation or a simple reminder. If you love music and movies, you have to see this film.

It's a simple enough plot. Broken-hearted Dublin street musician ("Guy") meets charming Eastern European immigrant ("Girl") who happens to be a pianist and vocalist in her own right. He's got an ex who torments him, she's got a husband and daughter. Their chemistry is palpable; their music beautiful. And at what point do you cast off that weight and seize the moment you were born to take? It's a solitary moment, a twisting mountain of a second, and it only happens Once.

Say It To Me Now
When Your Mind's Made Up
[from Once OST|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your review of "Once." I received the DVD from a friend for Christmas, but set it aside then since I had never heard of the film. I finally got around to watching it a few days ago, and was captivated. This is one of those rare films that strikes just the right balance between realism and romanticism. A must see!

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