Listening Assignments 2.4.08

1. Chris Walla - Geometry &C (*link fixed*)- I've gone a few places on this album. The first two tracks I'd heard ("Sing Again" and "St. Modesto") were amazing, so I bought the record without a second thought. When I finally heard the full thing, I was fairly disappointed with the rest of it. But I gave it time, and blam-wham-thankyouPam, it clicked. This track is power-pop at its current pinnacle. (Totally sweet album packaging as well). [from Field Manual|buy]

2. Canon Blue - Halcyon - Entry #2 for Canon Blue, this one is a prime example of exactly how to make a deep and engaging home recording. The patient build is palpable, the result rewarding, giving way to off-kilter piano and tinkling xylophone. Reminds me a lot of Magnet, which is a big compliment. [from Halcyon EP|free download]

3. Dave Ross - Difference - The DIY-ness of this track has become one of its most redeeming qualities. It plays like a 1980s memory, pressing play and record at the same time on the old family tape deck. Except with Alman Bros.- inspired riffs. And really good. [myspace]

4. White Hinterland - Dreaming of the Plum Trees - Casey Dienel has been here before, but she's back. Fronting a new musical collective (aka band) with a new sound recording (aka album) coming out in a month. It's a little less Regina Spektor this time around, a little more Belle & Sebastian, but enjoyable nonetheless. Playful basslines tend to help. Ditto the last 30 second fadeout...[from Phylactery Factory (out 3.4)|myspace]


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