Tingsek the Luminescent

Can you be addicted to sunshine? Can a summer breeze be contagious? Can music cause skin cancer? I'm quite certain the answers to questions like these cannot be found on our native shores. There is a man, far across the sea, who knows the rhyme to the reasons and just might hold the key to the seasons. Magnus Tingsek has been my ambassador of light for the last two weeks and I'd like to introduce you. He's quite friendly. He'll remind you of someone familiar, perhaps Ben Harper, maybe Jonny Lang, mayhaps even John Mayer. You'll recall things you thought you forgot, profound moments lost in the shuffle of simplicity. Your toes in the water for the first time of the year. Your first look in the mirror after the perfect haircut. Waking up the minute before your alarm goes off, refreshed and rearing to go. The complexity of a top-shelf margarita as it rolls around your mouth. There's no rehab for the hit you're about to take.

Let it Shine
[from Too Many Feelings at the Same Time|info]
So Real
[from World of Its Own|buy]


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