Noise Therapy with Apollo Sunshine

It's a damn shame that Apollo Sunshine has never been covered here, mostly due to the fact they haven't released an album in three years. Still, their previous works deserve some love and will receive it at my earliest convenience. This I vow.

We are gathered here today, however, to celebrate the upcoming newness of Shall Noise Upon, the boys' long-awaited 3rd proper proper LP. It will fittingly enjoy the fruits of the modern double-release with vinyl/digital versions available August 5th and a hold-it-in-your-mitts CD release on September 2nd.*

These two tracks are just a peek through the window. I'm on my tippy toes but I can make out Sam, Jesse, and Jeremy sitting on tri-colored couches. Jesse's beard is as potent as it ever was. I can't quite make it out through the glass, but I think I hear the muffled chords of '60s psychedelia emanating from the turntable in the corner. I see Beach Boys posters on the walls. The three men nod their heads and sing in unison. This place sure looks like the cabin in the woods where Katonah was recorded. I feel really good about this.

Singing to the Earth (To Thank Her For You)
666 (The Becoming of the New Earth Government)
[from Shall Noise Upon (out 8.5/9.2)|pre-order]

*Honestly, this could be the most efficient way to market an album in today's filesharing, album-leaking environment. They've released these two tracks to the public as free downloads, but no full-length LP will be available to leak until the digital version is already released. Then they'll have a month to play with marketing the released files to convince people they have to have the hard copy.


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