Listening Assignments 7.7.08

1. Wildbirds & Peacedrums - Doubt/Hope - This is assuredly the most interesting thing you will hear today. It's like a spell. Drums and vocals, claps and chants. Deep, bruising soul. [from Heartcore|buy]

2. Daniel Ledwell - I Have Made You a Mixed Tape - Mixtapes have probably formed the crux of at least one of your myriad relationships over the years. And here is a song about that very act, sung out an open window into the dark cold night. And all he wants is a chance. [from Two Over Seven|buy]

3. Tape - Moth Wings - There needs to be something beautiful in your life. There should be one thing that astounds you, something that you turn over in your hands and marvel. A thing that you dream about. Perhaps this could be that thing. [from Luminarium|buy]

4. Devics - Salty Seas - This girl is broken and beautiful, wandering with tear-blinded eyes. Dustin O'Halloran's arrangements haunt me. [from Push the Heart|buy]


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