It's a Musical, Really

It's a Musical is impossible to Google without the inclusion of quotation marks. This German duo is musical indeed, though more reminiscent of numerous Canadian acts than anything coming out of Germany these days. That is until the dude starts singing, belying an adorably broken accent. Are you opposed to trumpets? Glockenspiels, droning keyboards, pianos? Mates of State meets The Most Serene Republic? Frolicking across flowered fields? Rope swings? Brightly-colored t-shirts? Hopscotch, wall-ball, foursquare? If you're against these things, move along. There's nothing to see here.

It's a Musical's debut full-length The Music Makes Me Sick LP will be released in October on Morr Music (Seabear, Radical Face, Electric President, AmAmSet)

Bad Day

Pain Song
Take Off Your T-Shirt
[from The Music Makes Me Sick EP|download]


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