L'and of Talque

Montreal's Land of Talk just signed with Saddle Creek Records, so I thought a post might be in order. They recently released a "little" in-between-albums acoustic teaser with 10 tracks. One brand new song from their upcoming LP, one Wintersleep cover (which I wrote about here), and acoustic re-workings of the songs that have been floating around since 2006's EP Applause Cheer Boo Hiss (as well as its extended re-release). They're nothing if not precious, singer Elizabeth Powell's lazysexy warble weaving ropes around imperfect (and alive) acoustic guitars and powerful piano. While some of it sounds slapped together in a few days (which I'm sure it was), its bright spots are powerful and raw, those moments of serendipitous strums and harmonious accidents. Powell's uniquely emotive voice remains constant, tying those woven ropes off into butterfly knots, their gossamer wings flapping at the still air.

Street Wheels
Young Bridge
[from L'adventure Acoustique|buy]


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