Born on a Bender

Considering Blogdom's well-documented love affair with cover songs and the fact that I haven't written about Berkeley's The Morning Benders in well over a year, I am determined to deliver a double-dose of delish.

It's less important to whom they sound similar (early Shins, The Kooks, SSLYBY, What Made Milwaukee Famous) than to what genre they call home: positive, inspiringly unpretentious rock. This not-so-fearsome foursome has been busy crafting an album of sun-soaked bits and pieces, lashed into a happy battering ram of indie pop. Your door is going to be smashed in, but you're going to be totally okay with that.

And as a gift to you and me, they've also fashioned a near-full-length EP of lovingly-recorded-in-a-bedroom covers, aptly titled The Bedroom Covers. For the most part, it consists of deeper cuts from their favorite artists including The Velvet Underground, Paul Simon, Talking Heads and Fleetwood Mac. It's a nice companion to the sparkling, studio-produced Talking Through Tin Cans. You can by the LP on iTunes for 5.99 and the EP is free. Make sure both find homes with you within a week's time.

Boarded Doors
Patient Patient
[from Talking Through Tin Cans|buy on iTunes/amazon]
Dreams (Fleetwood Mac)
[from The Bedroom Covers|free]


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