Water Wings

I'm going to Ocean Breeze Funpark today, getting a harsh white-boy burn/tan, and soaking myself in various bodies of water that may or may not contain human urine. I'll be dreaming of you and my next music post, to come tomorrow, which may or may not contain new Calexico, old Apollo Sunshine, or an proper listening assignment for this week (monday's was an assignment mixtape).

I saw Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D Monday. Don't see it in 2-D unless you enjoy activities related to shredding money. 3-D, however, has come a long way since I saw Captain Eo when I was 10. You really feel like you're in the movie.

Didn't see The Dark Knight yet. How important is it that I see it at my earliest possible convenience?

Can't stop listening to Beck's Modern Guilt or Shearwater's Rooks. Damn.

Scourge of the Sea - Water Wings


Blogger Sarah said...

Dark Knight- VERY important

11:26 AM  

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