Fresh Pomegranates, Year-Round

How omnipresent are Pomegranates these days? You can find them in just about every juice out there, shampoo, hand soap, sorbet, smoothies, even bagels. (I'm pulling for pomegranate wallpaper, myself.) I remember back in the day when they were just annoying-to-open (yet delicious), rarely available fruits. On the outside, they don't look like much, just a vaguely red, leathery ball. But the inside is a myriad of tightly packed, brightly colored cells, just waiting to burst on your pointy teeth and let out their tart, all-staining bounty.

Oh, you meant the band? Of course you did! Well they might be on a similar career path to their fruitious counterparts. They seem to be getting significant blog love these days, citing well-worded reviews from reputable places like KEXP's blog, Berkeley Place, and Amplifier Magazine, and WOXY.com (to state only a few) on their promotional schwag. And I'm here to add to the pile.

The best part about listening to Pomegranates is how unpretentious it all is. They most decidedly are not leather-jacket-donning, coordinated-all-suit-wearing, or eye-liner-applying. They're a foursome of fresh-faced lads who show up to rock wearing the same t-shirt they wore all day. I have the good sense to assume they are smiling with every downstrum and stomping with every handclap, kind of like I do when I listen to it. Everything Is Alive is 11 tracks of sparkling, unassuming indie-pop along the lines of The Little Ones or SSLYBY. Four young gents enjoying the ride and making tracks across this great U, S, of A.

Catch them live:
7.18 - Hickory, NC - Tea & Coffee Co.
7.19 - Chapel Hill, NC - Jack Sprat
7.20 - Richmond, VA - Rumors Boutique
7.21 - Charlottesville, VA - Gravity Lounge
7.22 - Norfolk, VA - The Boot
7.23 - Washington, DC - The Black Cat
7.24 - Pittsburgh, PA - The Lava Lounge
7.25 - Columbus, OH - Scully's Music Diner
7.26 - Louisville, KY - Forecastle Festival (west stage 1pm)
7.28 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean
7.29 - St. Louis, MO - Lemp Art Center
9.14 - Morrison, CO - Monolith Festival @ Red Rocks

The Bellhop
[from Everything is Alive|buy]
Osidious the Emphatic
[from Two Eyes|buy]


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