Listening Assignments 7.14.08

1. Ray LaMontagne - Crazy (Gnarls Barkley) - Looking through the archives, I'm finding that Ray is more of the linesthroughlines everyman that I assumed him to be. With appearances on Blankets V.1 (though not with this song), Sing Her Name, Oh It is Love, and Spring/Summer Roadmix V.1, Mr LaMontagne is comfortably the most deployed mixtape weapon on this blog. I've even posted about this song, almost two years ago, when this blog got about 20 hits a day. Some of you are still around, but I thought this morsel would be a fitting kick-off for this weeks mini-Blankets assignments, no?

2. Night Shall Eat These Boys and Girls - Where Did Our Love Go? (Supremes) - 1. It's not going to be what you think. 2. It's going to be far better than you imagined. 3. Beautiful. [live on WCBN]

3. Anoraak - Talking in Your Sleep (The Romantics) - One last Buffet Libre offering to convince you to download the whole thing. The vocals on this are acceptable, but the original got out-'80s-ed by Anoraak's bouncy synths and drum machine.

4. The Acorn - Good Enough (Cyndi Lauper) - I could listen to the delicate stylings of Canada's The Acorn until the proverbial cows come home. This bears little resemblance to the original Goonies theme but takes it much deeper. It's much more affecting. It breaks my heart. *Sob*


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