A Department of Eagles

I think most would credit Ed Droste with the recent success of current Death + Taxes coverboys Grizzly Bear. It was he, after all, who recorded GB's heralded debut Horn of Plenty nearly by himself, but it was the addition of local songwriter Daniel Rossen in 2005 that propelled them to greatness. Need proof? Tear yourself away from Yellow House and take a listen to his side-project duo Department of Eagles.

"In Ear Park", the first song released off the upcoming album of the same title, is cautious and momentous like a baby bird taking its first flight. As it stretches and grows, it is bathed in light, it is swaddled in wind. It is cradled by soft feathers and soars like new love.

In Ear Park
[from In Ear Park (out 10.7.08)]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey drew. i'm a regular visiter to your music blog and I just wanted to thank you a bunch for introducing me to Tingsek. I know that was a long time ago, but i just realized how talented this guy is. So thanks man. Musicians like him always make me excited to visit your blog.

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