Shhh, Top Secret Octopus Project

Now that I think about it, an eight-armed cephalopod would probably make a pretty efficient musician. Suction cups, ambidexterity, black ink pyrotechnics, curved beak for tearing flesh...oh wait. But still. What if the Octopus Project is a secret government entity's attempt to train said octopi in the magical ways of rock? I like to imagine that scenario when I listen to this band. I like to picture four of the creatures, 32 arms akimbo, a frenzy of pink, rubbery skin. A few arms are playing glockenspiel, different parts of course. Four more on drums, while another one loops beats on a laptop in real time. 6 guitars, 3 basses, a mini-moog, a fender rhodes, 4 88-key Korgs, and a grand piano. A lone arm is in the back corner playing theramin. The remaining 6 arms just churn a froth in the water as means of applause.

Or you could just picture the four stiffs you see up there, foolishly playing at the feet of a huge polar bear. Whichever you prefer.

Wet Gold
[from Wet Gold 7"|buy]
I Saw the Bright Shinies
[from Hello, Avalanche|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah, a friend of mine just recommended them to me! thanks :)

3:39 AM  

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