Chilly Winterpills

Considering the season and the aforementioned weather, it seems the perfect time to mention Winterpills. They are an intriguing band out of Massachusetts who manage to stumble onto truly ascendant moments in two of every three songs rendering the curious decisions between these moments much more bearable, if not moot. There is adorable fragility below the surface, heightened by the occasionally lo-fi recording and the male/female interplay that always adds an extra layer. It's the best without the Bowie-esque vocal reverb ("Wire") and best when the mood is meloncholy and near-frigid ("What Makes Me Blind"). It's best with a steaming cup of cocoa and even better as a complete album runthrough where its flaws are smoothed by flow and overshadowed by the times where angels descended on shoulders and helped create a sound so true.

[from Central Chambers|buy]


Blogger The God Of Biscuits said...

i have been listening to nothing but the winterpills for 3 weeks now! everytime i try to put on something else i quickly turn a restless ear back to them.

2:01 AM  

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