Empire of the Cool

Empire of the Sun's Walking on a Dream is an easy sell. They make the '80s sound new again, despite the era being walked on by countless bands for the last 10 years. This is infinitely cooler than the Madonna-on-acid album the Killers just made. It's synthy without being annoying. The basslines are alive. They dress up like Michael Jackson and Snarf from Thundercats. The first five tracks are going to knock you on your ass. This will be the perfect road-trip record in 2050, when you're humming along the surface of the moon at 300mph, the windows cracked, driving scarf streaming in the wind.

Walking on a Dream vid:

Standing on the Shore
Half Mast
[from Walking on a Dream|buy]


Anonymous Lindsay said...

it's a graaaaaaaaaaaaandma!

10:51 PM  

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