Listening Assignments 11.25.08

1. Ben Kweller - Somehow (Singlemalt Version) - Awww, little Ben is all growed up. This tour-only EP is an appetizer for his upcoming February long-player. And yes, it's apparently heavily country-influenced. Despite the acoustic and steel-guitars, this closer has a great melody you'd expect from Kweller while the first few songs just...don't. Fingers crossed for February. [from How ya lookin' Southbound? Come In... EP|buy]

2. Ohbijou - Darcy - Let's face it, I'd have no problem writing about the Acorn every week. Instead, I'll just write about one of my favorite songs by them, beautifully covered by another band. Two birds, one listening assignment. [from The Acorn/Ohbijou 12"|buy]

3. Kompis & Erlend Oye - Untitled - It's been over four years since Kings of Convenience dropped Riot on an Empty Street and I'm desperate for anything new I can find. This is coming from one half of that duo. It doesn't really go much of anywhere, but I'm not sure it needs to. That voice is all it needs to take me back. [from All Ears]

4. Nick "Pogo" Bertke - Alice - So this is what it feels like to descend into a bottomless rabbit hole. Made entirely from samples from Alice and Wonderland, "Alice" has dream-like flow, palpitating with trance-like regularity. Piecing together this unique melody is a feat in itself, and he does it in all four songs on this free EP. [from Wonderland|download]


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