Broken Record

As you may have noticed, yet another post has been removed by Blogger due to yet another unsubstantiated anonymous DMCA takedown request. The post in question, on the particularly awesome Patrick Watson, was posted by permission using approved promotional songs. If that's not ok, then what is the damn point? I'm supposed to risk my entire blog to post songs that are APPROVED by a band, their label, and their publicist? E-mails to Google go unanswered, even though the DMCA e-mail says to respond w/ any questions. Watson's promo guy is out of town.

So here we are again. Time does not heal all wounds. It only makes the kick in the teeth more soul-crushing.



I've been roused from my slumber by kinetic energy, radiating from the gooey brain mass of one Seattle young man named Michael Benjamin Lerner. His project, Telekinesis, is set to drop its first record April 7th, aptly titled Telekinesis!

There's something old school to this indie-pop, one of those timeless things. It's forthright and dependable, sunny and deep, and owing to talented producer Chris Walla, tasteful and unique. Interesting guitars and melody will simply never go out of style, nor will boatloads of heart.

As it turns out the name is fitting...You're going to feel something move in your chest and the only explanation is magic.

Coast of Carolina
I Saw Lightning
[from Telekinesis!|buy]