The Last Kiss

I'm not sure what I honestly think about this soundtrack yet. The reason being that it's a Zach Braff movie and this album plays like Garden State:b, which frankly annoys the heck out of me. The crown jewel of "oh pleeease" is the inclusion of Imogen Heap's Hide and Seek. Following her Garden State coming out party, she's been somewhat of a soundtrack darling, singing the closing song in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe as well as Hide and Seek during the season two finale of The OC. I'm not trying to take away from her talent or her trademark sound, but once you've heard her in a movie, it just sounds cliche everytime after that. Hide and Seek has been out well over a year, been way over-exposed as it is. And now it's on this soundtrack. Just shoot me. (That being said, amazing song if you haven't heard it already.)

There are some highlights, which I'll highlight here. A catchy, jumpy ditty from Turin Brakes with a really stellar chorus; a shimmery track from Athlete which sounds SO much like Badly Drawn Boy on the About a Boy soundtrack, it literally hurts me...but I liked that soundtrack, so...this song makes the grade. And last, but certainly not least, another tiptop offering from Ray LaMontagne, my current guilty pleasure.

Turin Brakes - Pain Killer
Athlete - El Salvador
Ray LaMontagne - Hold You In My arms


Til the Sun Turns Black

Ray-Ray! Where have you been all my life? I feel like I'm sitting on shag carpeting watching the opening credits for The Wonder Years. Yes, this stuff is taking me back to a reality that never existed for me, one that existed before I was even born. Because good songs are timeless, that's why. Ray LaMontagne can sing his ass off.

Honestly, the hardest thing about this post was picking the three tracks I wanted to share. But since I'm making a post about The Last Kiss tomorrow, that helps narrow it down. I guess you'll know more what that means tomorrow, won't you?

Three More Days - from Until the Sun Turns Black (2006)
Trouble - from Trouble (2004)
Crazy - really grand Gnarls Barkley cover.


All We Know is Falling...

I don't care when this album came out (last year) or how young the singer is (17), these tracks are huge. Paramore is well on their way.

Stuck On You - a cover of my favorite Failure song. And probably the only Failure song anyone else remembers as well.


It's Monday. Assignments are in.

Today, I'm highlighting 4 artists that I had never even HEARD of 7 days ago. I'm going to guess you've never heard of them either. That being said, this is one of my favorite assignments.

1. What Made Milwaukee Famous - Sweet Lady - This band is trapped somewhere between the upbeat meanderings of The Long Winters and the beautiful powerpop of Bleu, a location I might dare to describe as "heaven". This one is way fun.

2. Canasta - Impostors - there's a little bit of Freddie Mercury here and an awful lot of Some by Sea (RIP). If wurlitzer and violins make you happy, prepare to be happy.

3. Inara George - Genius - a fantastic, short, upbeat pop ditty. Reminds me a lot of one of my heroes Jonatha Brooke.

4. Bel Auburn - Roses - for all you mainstreamers out there, here's a band who loves Jimmy Eat World. Don't let that scare you.


Donovan Woods

Yay, I found a sweet site to host another 100mb of files, so I can start leaving the assignments up for more than just the week they are featured in addition to highlighting some more niche-oriented artists who might not make the assignments for various reasons.

Donovan Woods

This young fellow has got some soul to spare. If Damien Rice was born American, perhaps? Just about as pleasant as it gets.

Brand New Gun
Grey Cup Ring
I Ain't Sayin She's Better Than You


8.21. Assignments of Listening.

Belle and Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby

- This song always cheers me up. Click away and find out why.

Tacks the Boy Disaster - Forget Me Not - One of the best discoveries of the last week, this song also makes me happy every time. More piano, more harmonies, more cool band names.

Gregory Page - Release My Heart - this guy's voice is liquid. that's really all I have to say. violins, female backing vox.

The Damnwells - Louisville - for the record, I think there are too many ballads on this record. Also for the record, they are really good. Maybe one will end up on a soundtrack and this band will finally get some press.


The Assignments 8.14

1. The Long Winters - Rich Wife - kicks off with one of my favorite guitar licks of the year, you'll know the one. This one's straight out of the "how to make a bouncy indie pop song" rulebook. In a good way.

2. Counterfit - Better Late Than Never - one of my favorite indie bands, complete with off-kilter, angular rythms, and lots of rock. I wish there were more bands making this type of stuff today. Exactly like this.

3. Sunparlour Players - Talk to Death - i imagine this song being played in a totally amazing independent film over a montage including (but not limited to) a breakup, a pillowfight, a footrace, crying, dancing, and singing in the mirror with a hairbrush as a microphone.

4. Josh Ritter - Lillian, Egypt - and he's back. why am I a sucker for hooks that contain "la-la's"? oh well. great toe-tapping off-into-the-sunset song.



"they won't believe in this
her heart is blameless
firestarting is dangerous"

Go check out the new song here. I think it's probably the most personal thing I've ever written. Maybe that'll mean no one else gets it. I actually wept the first time I sung the first two verses. I kept singing them over and over, my voice breaking and my eyes and cheeks icy hot. Therapy.

I've been realizing my life dynamic recently and I've been a little shaken. We all make 5 mistakes before breakfast, it's human, but all these years of "no regrets" and "it's all for a reason" has numbed me to it. It flows by like water. The REASON things happen is to mold you, to make you think and decide the next time accordingly. Looking back, I see the same mistake done 50 ways. These last few weeks have been different. I think I'm taking my life back. I feel overwhelmingly happy and excited. This change needs to keep on coming. Apologies to those I've neglected, it's nothing personal. I want it to be personal again, but I need some time. I'll get there if you'll meet me halfway. I've still got some work to do.


Assignments. 8.7.06

Emily Haines and The Soft Skeleton - The Lottery - Metric's lead singer makes solo goodness. Sugar-voiced and silky.

Owen - Bad News - I've never been able to explain why I like Owen so much. It's just pleasant. Fingerpicking clear acoustic, layers of other texture. Brutally honest lyrics. Mike Kinsella is the man.

Fionn Regan - The Underwood Typewriter - another quirky bouncy effort from this talented young UK songwriter.

Jamie Lidell - Multiply (Herbert's Hoedown Bump) - this remix is indeed bumpy, adding a jiggle to the already soul-filled Lidell track. It's a happy maker.