School of Language, Now Enrolling K-12

I mentioned School of Language last week and I thought it fitting to do a little followup. This is one band/album that somehow never breached my ears in 2008, despite being the logical progression of one of my favorite bands of 2007 (Field Music) and coming out in early February. SoL is basically FM's leader David Brewis' solo incarnation, launched after he felt Field Music had come to its fitting conclusion. This could have been a sad thing.

The fortunate thing is that Sea from Shore could have been a side-step (or even a step back) from '07s Tones of the Town, and instead is a leap forwards. This attempt is weirder, in best ways, spinning off-kilter like a juggled saucer while somehow maintaining the stranglehold on impeccable pop taste at which Brewis has always excelled. Where linesthroughlines' fave Aloha has fallen off, SoL has happily donned the indestructible cape of melodic (and, in this case, meticulously arranged) odd-rock. It's bookended with four masterful "Rockist" tracks, the final reprise of which attains the heights only hinted at in the first. It feels like summiting K2 at daybreak, the world unfolded like a magazine under a glowing, gauzy haze of clouds. Like the most beautiful morning of your life.

Sometimes a sad thing turns into a happy thing. Sometimes something strange hits your ears and you just want to forget everything you knew previous to that moment. And if I could re-do my Best Albums of 2008 list, this would be top 5 with ease.

Marine Life
Extended Holiday
[from Sea From Shore|buy]


Anonymous moka said...

Hi Drew!

Been visiting for the past weeks and it saddens me to read you're having trouble with blogger and you're considering on dropping 'lines through lines'. I see you've resumed posting since then, so perhaps I might have misunderstood your post but I want to let you know if you ever decide on quitting we'd love to adopt you as part of our staff at the motel.

I've added a link on MdM to your site as a support for you to keep posting, hope this will help attract some new visitors your way.

8:15 PM  
Anonymous Taylor said...

Ordered this the other day, completely because of this post.
Big time thank you.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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