Assignments 9/4/06

1. Lakes - Indian Lover - the band formerly known as Watashi Wa and Eager Seas returns on The Militia Group and I'm happy about it. It sounds triumphant. [buy]

2. As Tall As Lions - Love Love Love (Love, Love) - redundant? perhaps. boring? definitely not. How tall are lions anyway? Chorus is really catchy. [buy]

3. The Dresden Dolls - Dirty Business - I'm going to admit, I didn't give this a chance for the longest time because I thought the name sounded like a crappy butt-rock band. Then I had all the pretentious indie-type telling me to listen and I rejected it for that reason. This was the first track I heard and I was sold. Tons of piano, theatrics, time blips, and pinache. If you don't like this, Ben Folds will come draw a dick on your bathroom wall. He said it, not me. [buy]

4. Wheat - And Someone With Strengths - these boys on Aware Records are at their best when weaving a simple beautiful cyclical pop song that makes you close your eyes and think of something you've gone through. this is it. [buy]


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