Playing with Pink Noise

Any guitarist worth their stones should know Kaki King. Aside from being rather cute (in the lip-pierced, musician kind of way), she taught herself how to play guitar in a totally unique style you'll notice immediately if you ever see her live or in a video. She was born to play guitar, essentially. Each CD is a tutorial in beautiful awesome. Ok? ok.

"Until We Felt Red" is a languishing sliding waltz. I close my eyes and I see a ballroom filled with water up to everyone's neck, but they're still dancing, gowns flowing beneath them lazily, not unlike the garments of a drowning victim from a movie like What Lies Beneath. "Goby" embraces the plucky jazz side of things, backed by the pleasant resonation of vibraphone and hi-hats. Both you can find on her newest album Until We Felt Red. "Lies" seduces like aromatherapy baby. But without...aroma? This is the soundtrack to a steamy bath scene with quick cuts to some tragic chariot racing and back. I have no idea why. (from Legs To Make Us Longer)

Until We Felt Red


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