To cover a metronome...

eric Metronome has original songs and he wants you to hear them. I know this because his site is one of the most user-share-friendly I've seen in awhile and there's a song from every album he's put out (there are many) there for free. He loves Elliott Smith. I know this because there's an entire section of the site dedicated to two tribute albums eric has done to honor his music (also downloadable). As with pretty much any artist as prolific as this one (11 solo records and the two Smith tributes), it's hit and miss, but the important thing I know is this: the guy loves music. He's got a project called "Cover of the Week" and proceeds to record, to the fullest, a complete cover of a band/artist he admires...every week. Obscure tracks by great singers, some by talented friends of his, some you might even know. He plays multiple instruments (I swore the Sufjan cover wasn't a cover until I heard the vocals), sings wonderful harmonies and truly treats these songs as his own. After one listen to "All in One Move", I immediately bought the Hayden full-length it was taken from. It arrives tomorrow and I'm super-stoked. If anything, I hope eric can turn you onto some new stuff like it did for me.

All in One Move (Hayden)
Pretty Mary K (Elliott Smith)
To Be Alone With You (Sufjan Stevens)


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