Who does #2 work for?

Two posts today! This is the fun one.

1. This clip is comedy gold, I'm telling you. I can't believe this show was ever cancelled and I can't believe John Mayer himself thought it was crap. Just listen for the "You'll get there when you sell out" quote. Classic.

2. If I could have anything I wanted in the world, this is probably in the top 3. A LEGO-ice tray!?? Sign me up!

3. In case you were ever curious, you can translate anything into "jive" at Gizoogle.com. Has to be seen to be believed.

4. Second only to the LEGO ice cubes, this is mankind's finest achievement of today. I could sure go for a duder* right now. Anytime, really.

*Lebowski for "white russian"

5. YESSSSSS. A new Christopher Guest [Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, etc] movie is coming out this November!!! For Your Consideration. Watch the amazing preview.

6. If one of your favorite breweries decided to cash in on an obvious pun, would you be as tempted to buy it as I am of this? You get one clue, the brewery is Magic Hat. Purely for novelty, I assure you.


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