Copeland Eats, Sleeps, Repeats.

Copeland's Beneath Medicine Tree is an album that changed the way I listened to music and therefore set impossibly high expectations for the followup In Motion. The latter, produced by Matt Goldman and mixed by Ken Andrews, was written off by many fans of BMT and I'm not really sure why. It's not as heartbroken, perhaps. There are definitely some soaring moments of awesome on In Motion. Still, some high profile touring and downtime has again ramped up the expectations of this Florida band. With Eat, Sleep, Repeat out October 31, I think they'll come through in a big way. Much of it is a more mature revisit of the style that made them famous in the first place. Beautiful ballads written from the heart and catchy hook-filled powerpop. Enjoy.

When You Thought You'd Never Stand Out
Eat, Sleep, Repeat
[from Eat, Sleep, Repeat|The Militia Group 2006|pre-order]


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