The Lymbyc System

I often find myself knee-deep in bands who want to be Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, or Godspeed! You Black Emperor. I've many times been of the opinion that making instrumental music was a lot easier than making music with vocals and in that statement, I still think I'm half-right. The clarification lies in this: While making mediocre instrumental music is easy, making good instrumental music is as hard (or harder) than its vocal counterpart. It's easy to play something simple exceptionally slow, layer a few more slow parts on top of it, pile on the reverb, and call it a day. In short, it's really easy to be a mediocre instrumental band, which explains the immediate acrid taste in my mouth when I read a blog touting "the next ___". However, the Lymbyc System does not qualify as one of those. The more I hear of this Tempe, Arizona duo, the more I want to hear and the more I think they belong listed alongside the above-mentioned greats. I hear tastefully sampled live drums, organic pulses, and arrangements that truly have heart. I want to live in these songs.

Astrology Days
[from Love Your Abuser (out 1.23.07)|pre-order]


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