Listening Assignments 6.25.07

1. Rooney - When Did Your Heart Go Missing - This hook is stickier than flypaper and that's really all I care about. It's in the same vein as Modest Mouse's "Dashboard", but a little more '80s influence. Golly gee, this is hot. [from Calling the World (out 7.17)|info (or buy it on itunes)]

2. Modern Dance - The Feeling - Oh Modern Dance, why did you have to squander such promise? This was my introduction to the Norfolk band, defunct for at least two years now. It's just overwhelmingly pleasant. [not from anything. but here's their purevolume]

3. The Impossible Shapes - Florida Silver Springs - For some reason, the guitars really remind me of the Doobie Bros. "Listen to the Music", one of the planet's quintessential summer anthems. So there's that. Afterwards, though, it's a hypnotizing ditty about Florida. If that doesn't scream summer, you're crazy. [from Tum|buy]

4. Erlend Oye - No Train to Stockholm - My favorite half of Kings of Convenience and the only half of Whitest Boy Alive, Erlend has an angelic voice and a masterful acoustic strum. [from Total Lee! the Songs of Lee Hazlewood|buy]

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