Listening Assignments 12.24.07

Phew, I just took the biggest break in the history of linesthroughlines, missed a Monday assignment for the first time, and made a few people of note very sad. I think it was much needed. Went to DC for a night, had a great Christmas, recorded a short EP of my own (coming to the blog tomorrow). Feels good to be back! Onward to the assignments...

1. Rivers Cuomo - Lover in the Snow - All I ever used to hear about Rivers is that he was an uber-geek with an ivy league education and had concocted a specific formula for writing the perfect pop song. My opinion on this has wavered from utter disbelief to complete gulping of the cool-aid over the years, finally settling on this: He's one of the unique and influential songwriters of our time, a rep only achieved by an impressive body of work, both artful and commercial. You love or hate Weezer's new stuff, but its hooks are huge and undeniable. This home recordings release is mostly a fan-fest, but it shows another side to this interesting figure. [from Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo|buy]

2. Copeland - Chin Up - One of the few totally new tracks on this collection of b-sides and rarities. I have a ridiculous soft spot for this band. Nostalgia and butterflies. Masters of swirling layers of electronics and falsettos. [from Dressed Up & In Line|buy]

3. The Thrills - Long Forgotten Song - I can't figure out if this British import uses a mandolin on all of their songs or just a guitar with a capo way up the neck, but it's a signature sound nonetheless. The voice that threatens to peter out on every line is also one-of-a-kind. They'll make you happy. [from Teenager|buy]

4. Wheat - What Everyone Keeps Telling Me - This is more than a little hypnotizing with its backward-played synth bed, rhythmic shakers, and at times manipulated vocals. Then a harmony and clean acoustic comes in on verse two and it's gravy. [from That's Exactly What I Wanted...Exactly That|buy]


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Wheat's album i love

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