Tidbits of Misinformation

I pleasantly backed myself into a corner with the recording of my annual Christmas EP of all the new stuff I've written in the past year, so I've been working overtime to get it done in time. Grrr. Anyhoo, some tidbits...

1. Thom Yorke is saying they made more money on In Rainbows than all of their other records combined.

2. New Deathcab for Cutie album drops in May of 2008. Awesome trailer for it over at deathcabforcutie.com.

3. In the latest sign that the apocalypse is upon us, Josh Groban's holiday album Noel just became the #1 selling record of 2007. Another scary fact: It's #1 with "only" 2.77 million copies sold. Do you remember when albums sold way more than that? Sales this week are down 23.1% from the same week last year. Yowza. Buy music, people!


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