Bowl of Yorke

The ridiculous thing is that I've actually sat here for 10 minutes planning the best course of action for this Super Bowl Sunday post. Do my readers watch the Super Bowl? I know I will be. More importantly, will my readers even check in today? What with all the chip-and-dip buying, couch-cushion-fluffing, cheap-beer-sipping going on. I wouldn't want to write about something really awesome like the new Canon Blue EP and have it fall through the cracks.

Then I thought about blabbing on and putting a song that had the word "Super" in it, but the best I could come up with was Stevie Wonder's "Superwoman", which clocks in at over 8 minutes. As mentioned yesterday, limited bandwidth to work with today! I wish there was a definitive and awesome indie rock tribute to the Super Bowl. Something as awesome and timeless as Bon Jovi's "Down in a Blaze of Glory" from Young Guns II. So if you sports-loving freaks in rockdom are reading (yeah you, Ben Gibbard, Rob Crow, Sufjan Stevens, James Mercer...), get cracking and your legacy will be cemented.

So instead, I'll just post this incredible live acoustic version of "Reckoner" (from In Rainbows) that Thom Yorke did last Saturday on Jonathan Ross' BBC 2 radio show. Consider it a compromise. See you tomorrow...

Reckoner (acoustic)
[live on Jonathan Ross]


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