Where are they now? Part 2

Continued from yesterday...

6. +/- - Fear not, little fans. +/- will be back in fashion with the October 21st release of X's on Your Eyes via Absolutely Kosher. No preview tracks yet, though.

7. Copeland - 2007's Dressed Up and In Line wasn't a proper release (though "Chin Up" was an amazing new track). October 14th will see the release of You Are My Sunshine, which features some pretty sweet subtle album art. Unfortunately, no new songs available on their myspace or website (which still doesn't even mention the record...). And if you've got some time to kill and like mazes, you can play the viral marketing game they developed for the release here.

Part-Time Lover (Stevie Wonder)
[from Know Nothing Stays the Same|buy]

8. So Many Dynamos - This St. Louis fearsome foursome is cocked, locked, and ready to rock and have been for quite some time. It's definitely good to count Chris Walla among your friends, and even better to have him produce your record and put his efforts behind it to get labels interested. Well the album, started over a year ago, is now done and you can hear a great track from it here. The record is called The Loud Wars. Fingers crossed for new new news soon.

9. Ben Folds - Oh Ben, what am I going to do with you? It's been sooooo long since Whatever & Ever Amen and we've had some good times along the way. But I'm frankly terrified of your upcoming record Way To Normal (out Sept. 30th). I'm hoping that the tracks (aside from the lead single, a cute bouncy pop attempt that will probably get you some airplay) I've heard from it are just a joke you're playing on me or are just really early demos or something. I still believe in you...

You Don't Know Me (w/ Regina Spektor)
[from Way To Normal (out 9.30)|buy]

10. The Format - Nate Ruess' sunpop band is no more, but good news is around the corner. He's got a new bag, called "fun". It's fledgeling and lo-fi, but the first song sounds promising. It's...fun!

Benson Hedges

11. Lovedrug - Ummm, Lovedrug is another hallowed band whose upcoming release scares me. 2005's Pretend You're Alive is #10 in my Desert Island collection, but its follow-up was a small step back. Now, they're poised to release The Sucker Punch Show (Oct. 28), complete with very odd artwork. The first song they posted on myspace was panned by fans on their comment wall, but the second is quite good. So they're batting .500 at the moment...

Let me know if there's any other linesthroughlines band that you're curious about and I'll try to dig up that dirt.


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