Listening Assignments 9.1.08

1. The Virgins - Rich Girls - There's just something about this track I can't shake. Perhaps it's the smart little rattle of hi-hats, the playful twang of a sweet bassline. It's a bit of MGMT, while a bit more understated and British-sounding. I just keep pressing play. [from The Virgins|buy]

2. Parenthetical Girls - Four Words - Symphonic, warbling drama is unfolding here. It's overtly theatrical, but unfailingly beautiful at the same time. The horns have a life of their own. Jon Brion would love this record. [from Entanglements (out 9.9)|buy]

3. Mason Proper - Lock and Key - It's ironic that I was just mentioning (lamenting?) the hiatus of Crystal Skulls two days ago, but old friends Mason Proper are swooping in to carry the banner of hip '60s-influenced pop. [from Olly Oxen Free|buy]

4. Going Gone - Salty Teeth - Sometimes the most beautiful thing is also the most simple. This is as gentle as morning dew. With velvety guitar strings and a voice adorably normal, this duo of female songwriters is about as diy as they come. Which means a little love goes a long way. [info]


Blogger The God Of Biscuits said...

i can't stop playing "rich girls" either. good call!

1:32 AM  

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