Contemplating the Physics of Meaning

Let's face it, Chapel Hill's the Physics of Meaning is pretty radical. Their leader (Daniel Hart) is in John Vanderslice's band, St. Vincent, and contributes to the Polyphonic Spree. He plays classical violin and has quite the talent for arranging. He knows how to rock and also how to roll. He's got approachable indie rock down to a science (I hear the Grays, Deathcab, Aloha, Some by Sea), but between engaging uptempo songs he's quick to remind you and I of the beautiful sounds that come from strings and horns when played in unison. This 12-song LP is a really nice balance of moods, both light and heavy, sometimes in the same song. It's book-ended by two flowing instrumentals, punches guts in the middle, and just might put Mr. Hart and Co. onto the map as their own entity instead of talented mercenaries-for-hire. If that's not rad, I'm not sure what is.

Like White Blood Filling a Black Heart
Airplanes and Hurricanes
[from Snake Charmer and Destiny at the Stroke of Midnight|buy]


Anonymous ottanta/cento said...

Thanks. This is only the last of your posts that let me discover a lot of music. I should have not known without your blog. On my blog we're voting best music of the year. I'd like you partecipate and vote. Bye

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