12.1.08 Listening Assignments

1. Mae - This Time Is the Last Time - In honor of the 5-year anniversary of Mae's first record (one of the albums that changed my life), they just put out a choose-your-own-adventure-style DVD packed full of song-by-song commentary. It occasionally edges on self-serving, but the majority is a fascinating look on how the songs were written and recorded and a few charming vignettes on how the band came to be. It's a must have if you're a fan. [from Destination:Beautiful|buy|buy DVD]

2. Prabir & The Substitutes - The Kiss - Took in this unassuming and completely cool band @ the Taphouse in Norfolk last Saturday. 5-part harmonies, dueling hollowbodies, and tambourine tossing ruled the night. Very Elvis Costello, very garage-pop savvy. [from Five Little Pieces|buy]

3. Emil & Friends - Fire Flower - I got an e-mail the other day from the "Emile Hirsch", moviestar extraordinaire and apparent karaoke enthusiast. I was directed to this EP and myspace, which I clicked with equal parts curiosity and fear. And I was rewarded for my efforts with an out-of-nowhere thoroughly impressive lo-fi collection of beautiful weirdpop. It's clearly not the real Emile, but the PR tactic was one of the more clever I've encountered and managed to fool at least one other blogger. I could have posted 4 of the 5 songs here, it's that good. [from Downed Economy EP|myspace|e-mail him for a free copy]

4.Rubies - The Truth and the Lies - There are days where this song is all I need. This song is swaddled in silk, it coos in ears, soft and warm as baby's breath. [from Explode from the Center|buy]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mae changed my life too! I'd have to say The Everglow is their best album; Singularity was a huge disappointment for me. I still love them nonetheless and always will. Thanks for the info! :)

10:16 PM  

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