Brawwwk! Christmas!

Drew Worden - Brawwwk! Christmas!
For those of you who don't know, I'm a musician, though I don't use this forum to flaunt it much. Aside from a link to my myspace page in the links section and this one post on "I'll Fly Solo", there have been 428 posts about other artists on this blog. Every Christmas, one of my biggest projects is an EP of sorts, for anyone and everyone, of the songs I've written in the last year (though not always). Home-recording demo-style. It serves as motivation to get the songs down on paper, so to speak, to push myself to finish the songs that don't finish themselves in a day's time. Even this year, I procrastinated until the last possible minute on it, took time off from the blog to get everything done, and still came up short of the 6 songs I wanted. But I cut my losses, put the best three on it, and here it is.

The first two tracks are both to be on the finished demo I hope to complete by the end of January. The third is a Christmas standard with a twist. In February, I plan on going into the real studio with these songs and my bandmates to flesh them out with full instrumentation. Until then I'm putting this EP up on my virb page to listen to. You can download "O Come O Come Emmanuel" there as well. Hope your holidays were safe and filled with profound moments. Here's to being inspired by new things...

Hotter than Africa
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